Bloomberg place


The £1bn European HQ of media empire Bloomberg, standing on 3.2 acres in the middle of the City of London, was designed in partnership with Foster + Partners. Achieving a BREEAM Outstanding rating, the 1.1million Sq Ft office space for Bloomberg’s 4000 London based employees, achieved the highest design stage score ever achieved by any major office development.


Vexcolt designed and delivered the requested bespoke expansion joint that met Foster + Partners design brief. The joint was successfully displaced from the structural gap in order to not disrupt the floor finishes. The joint provided the necessary +/-4mm movements at the 8mm sightline. The joint utilized a slip membrane to reduce the friction between the slab and the rubber sections. And a water proof membrane was used to protect the slip membrane and provide a watertight solution.


Foster + Partners tasked Vexcolt to create a non invasive expansion joint that would not break up the slab floor finishes. The proposed joint had to be no wider than 8mm in sightline and had to provide +/-4mm of movement. The structural gap was in the middle of a 1000mm wide slab paver so any solution had to displace the joint to ensure the aesthetics of the floor finishes were not disrupted.


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