Canary Wharf Crossrail Station


Surrounded by water of West India Quay dock, sitting below a five storey mixed use development, the new Canary Wharf station helps connect this key business district to the City of London, the West End and Heathrow. 68,000 passengers a day are predicted to use this station.


Vexcolt were on hand to provided their Isolatec CVIM product which is a Contact Voltage Isolation and Waterproof Membrane (CVIM) formulated to prevent the transfer of static electrical current through concrete slabs and walls in dry and wet conditions. Comprising a butyl rubber membrane, it has a self-adhesive base layer for bonding the membrane to differing substrates such as concrete slabs and metalwork. To ensure extra safety, this membrane was also used on the Vexcolt Micratec VL movement control joint, which was provided through out the station, which complies with the LUL Fire Safety Standard 1-085. The Megatec 300 was also installed across the station for larger expansion gaps.


Designing a station to be built 18 meters below water level presented significant design challenges. With the introduction of platform screen doors across all Crossrail stations, passengers and workers needed extra protection from the static discharge of the electrified rail system which could transfer through any metal floor finishes. Also, all rubber elements had to meet the LUL Fire Safety Performance of materials, Standard 1-085, tests.


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