NO.1 Grosvenor Square


A £170 million restoration project, the building NO.1 Grosvenor Square has been respectfully restored to achieve graceful modern proportions. Situated at London’s finest, most iconic location, No.1 Grosvenor Square comprises 44 luxurious residences featuring around-the -clock bespoke concierge services, state-of-the-art security, valet parking and unrivalled lifestyle amenities.


Vexcolt designed a bespoke structure to close the 400mm gap to 50mm. This left a sensible gap to use the Transatec 1100 rubber gasketed joint which reduced the level of vibration between the structures. Complimented with the Aquatec 1500 and Flexatec 1000, the joint is fully water tight. The Micratec NL/ND control joints were installed in floor finishes to the residents arrival courts, these were curved to specification to provide the high quality finish expected throughout this project. Vexcolt also provided the Maxatec 130 movement joints for the footbridges between the building and the public footpaths.


Architects were concerned that any vibration inflicted on this spring loaded building, caused by the many London Underground Tunnels passing underneath, could not be transferred on to any structures. Any solution had to be water tight. Control joints were also required and were specified to be curved around curb details in the residents arrival courts.


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