Qatar petroleum district


Qatar Petroleum District is one of the largest real estate projects under construction in Qatar. Situated in the West Bay of Doha, this QAR10bn, nine-tower office development includes a five-star business hotel, restaurants, conference centre, mosque and other amenities.


The design team at Vexcolt explored a number of different solutions. The final design used was the TransAtec 1100 which is already a water tight solution at the surface, but is a rubber gasketed joint so therefore, Vexcolt fitted layers of 316 grade stainless steel plates to the top of the profile to offer the metal and rust free finish. This was achievable due to the Transatec design already allowing for a capping system in the existing screw holes. For the wall/ ceiling joints Vexcolt powder coated the aluminum sections and sourced a bespoke batch of rubber.


There was an area that would require constant washing down and surface cleaning. The client didn’t want any water ingress to sit within an EPDM membrane or similar. Due to the amount of water, the proposed joint mustn’t rust over a period of time. The other key part of the design was that the joint shouldn’t be a visible gasket joint. The wall / ceiling joints also had there own complications, where the rubber and aluminum section must blend in with the finishes in these areas.


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