Wembley Pink Coach & Car Park


The UK’s first standalone car park to implement a fire barrier system. The £41 million project at Wembley stadium is Europe’s first multi-storey steel coach and car park. Built in a period of 18 months, the complex consists of two parking levels for coaches, 290 parking bays, as well as a five-storey car park, 734 parking bays. At full capacity, it can accommodate up to 16,500 visitors.


Vexcolt were brought in to provide their Fireflex 2100 and 2000 products both offering the required 120-minute fire protection rating. These products were mitered across the multiple horizontal and vertical instances throughout the structure. Both products had to interchange between floor-to-floor details to floor-to-wall details to be installed around columns. To cover the fire barrier products, Vexcolt also provided their Elastatec 1400 product to cover gaps exceeding 200mm with both horizontal and vertical movements.


The structure had to provide a 120-minute fire rating protection thus any expansion gaps had to provide the required fire rated protection. With many intersections across the structures, column details to contend with and gaps exceeding 200mm wide with 3-dimensional movements this project was not short of its challenges.


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